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Sundial Design Process

My sundial design process

Accurate sundials are site specific,.designed for the exact longitude and latitude of a site. The resulting geometry affects the final form of the sundial. The site also affects the selection of materials used in the sundial, the finish, and the scale of the design as it relates to its immediate surroundings. The purpose or function of the sundial, such as a memorial or as the centerpiece of an inviting plaza, will influence the theme or design idea.

I prize a good fit both aesthetically and physically for the sundial to its site. In most cases, a site model is made to work out the scale of the design, to try various design ideas and to give the client a visual concept of the proposed sculpture.

When the client approves the design, refinements and production drawings are made. These are used in the fabrication of the final design.

The fabrication process most often involves using permanent materials that weather well such as bronze, stainless steel, painted steel or aluminum, stone or concrete. These are chosen for design considerations and budget requirements to provide years of maintenance-free pleasure.

Once the fabrication is completed, the site is prepared for installation. Footings are poured if required. The sundial is then transported to the site and carefully installed and aligned to accurately tell the time. The result is a beautiful abstract sculpture that is functional, that is in scale to its surroundings and that can be easily read. For public projects, signage is often designed and installed on or near the sundial to provide information on how to read the sundial to get accurate clock time.

My designs are meant to be sculptures that are poetic but that also function scientifically. The rest is up to our Sun to provide the sunny hours for years of enjoyment.