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Public Sundials

photo of public sundial at Suffern Library by Robert Adzeima

Sundials for public spaces

Sundials lend themselves to public spaces by giving a focal point to an entrance, enhancing a wall, providing an amenity for seating at a station, creating a point of interest and a meeting place on a plaza.

These examples of my public sundials were commissioned by schools, libraries, health centers, local governments, community centers and museums. Click an image for information about the project.

My sundial sculptures are site specific, designed for the specific longitude and latitude of each site. They are functional in that they tell the time, and they work on the abstract level of sculpture. My designs are unique and custom designed for each location. They often use sunlight and shadow in unexpected ways to tell the time of day and in some cases seasons of the year. A number of designs highlight a significant day of the year or provide a yearly solar calendar.

My sundial sculptures range from the scientific to the poetic. They can be inviting or stately, solemn or whimsical or playful or elegant. They are always sculptural and accurate as functional sundials that tell the time.