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Paintings of Robert Adzema

plain-air watercolor painting of Robert Adzema

All my landscape paintings are painted outdoors — plein air — and in watercolor. I favor this medium because it is easily transportable and so encourages one to deal with the subject directly and spontaneously, and to welcome chance and accident. In general, I choose sculpturally interesting subjects with strong and often unexpected compositional points of view. I try to capture a time of day and the quality of light of the location, such as the reflective and transparent light on a stream, lily pond or marsh, or the modulated light captured in fracturing on the rock face of a quarry.

My technique reflects a passion for and use of color along with expressive brushwork to further the emotional dimension of the paintings.

Watercolor painting locations

This selection of paintings is grouped by the geographic area where they were painted — places where I have lived or traveled — and/or the subject matter. Most of the paintings presented here are examples from a larger series of paintings of the same or similar subject matter or locale.

The locations are New York City, Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, and Rockland County, New York. Rockland is subdivided into Lily Pond, Haverstraw Quarry, Tiorati Brook and Piermont Marsh paintings.

There is another grouping of Assorted paintings which, as the name suggests, includes paintings inspired by various subjects: scenes of Oaxaca, Mexico, interiors, landscapes, portrait[s], trees, house portrait[s], outdoor still lives, and scenes from numerous summers on Cape Cod.

Some of the paintings shown here are in private or public collections. Others shown are available for sale from my studio. Because I typically work in series, if you like the subject matter in a particular work represented here and find that it has been sold, there is a strong likelihood that I have available similar or related paintings.

Should you wish to inquire about my paintings for purchase, please contact me.