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Lily Pond, Rockland County NY

Columbia University’s Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, whose campus is just a short walk from my studio, has a beautiful rose garden with a water lily pond as the centerpiece. I have painted this pond with its lilies in all the seasons, from the emergence of the first buds of spring, to the capping of the pond with ice and snow in winter. I am captivated by the lilies, by the reflections on the water above and the depth of the water below, with its ever busy population of goldfish and frogs.

The high point of this series was my realization, as I painted separate close-ups of the lilies, that if I put the paintings together, they integrated into a single composition, a much larger painting of the pond. The result was 14 paintings hung together to form the larger painting shown. Not long after I finished this series, I was commissioned to design a sundial for this lily pond.

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